Katherine Jenkins’s Dancing With the Stars Weight Loss: I Got Too Thin!
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Katherine Jenkins’s Dancing With the Stars Weight Loss: I Got Too Thin!

Former Dancing With the Stars contestant Katherine Jenkins is not buying into Wallis Simpson's "You can never be too rich or too thin" mantra.

Kat took second place with Mark Ballas on Dancing With the Stars Season 14 in spring 2012. The 33-year-old Welsh singer recently talked to WeightWatchers magazine about her health, saying said she's happy with her body now, but that wasn't always the case.

"When I was younger, I was uncomfortable in my own skin and let myself get too thin," Katherine told the mag (via DigitalSpy). "I lost too much weight when I was on Dancing with the Stars in America. I don't want to be that thin again — and my mom won't let me."

Good for her! It's refreshing to hear any woman — especially a beautiful real-life Barbie in a position to influence younger girls, like Kat — say she doesn't want to get too thin. We hear so much of the opposite, especially in the New Year when you can't escape all the weight loss ads.

Katherine may have lost too much weight for her taste on DWTS, but she picked up the good habit of regular exercise. She told WeightWatchers she got used to being fit on DWTS and wanted to keep it up, so she started running. She did a half marathon, then the London marathon, and may soon do a triathlon.

She deserves a perfect 10 for such a healthy perspective! Hopefully Katherine inspires others to focus on being fit, not thin.

Source: DigitalSpy