The Vampire Diaries: Katherine Pierce’s 7 Best Moments Ever!

The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries: Katherine Pierce’s 7 Best Moments Ever!

Katherine Pierce (Nina Dobrev) may just be our favorite character on The Vampire Diaries — in her five seasons of the show, she had given us entertaining moment after entertaining moment. It’s hard to choose a favorite — so, we’ll pick seven (heavy on Season 5)! With Katherine’s life hanging in the balance in the upcoming 100th episode, here is a tribute to the sassy survivalist!

Katherine tricks Klaus by turning vamp

Two of our favorite things about Katherine: 1) She’s super clever. 2) She has a passion for living. Both these qualities were on display when she recounted the tale of her turn to vampirism to Elena. As a human doppelganger, Katherine was hunted down by Klaus (Joseph Morgan) to be used as a sacrifice in the spell that would allegedly break the Sun and the Moon Curse. But, instead of acquiesce to that fate, she found a vampire — Rose — who would turn her. She found a way to survive. Because that’s what Katherine Pierce does best — and, when she’s not hurting others in the process, we kind of love that about her.

Katherine chops John Gilbert’s fingers off

This scene is gruesome, but it was also possibly the best introduction of any character — villain or otherwise — on the entire show. In the Season 1 finale, Katherine pretends to be Elena, kissing Damon and then listening to John Gilbert (David Anders) pour his heart out to what he thinks is his biological daughter — until Katherine gets bored. So, she takes the knife she’s using to chop veggies to chop John’s fingers off (separating the Gilbert ring from his body). Then, she stabs him. Trust us, this was shocking.

Katherine asks Stefan to save Damon

In Season 3, Stefan (Paul Wesley) was compelled to turn off his emotions by Big Bad Klaus. But, when Damon’s life is in danger, Katherine not only goes out of her way to let Stefan know of the planned threat against Damon, but implores the emotionless vamp to care enough to save his brother. We love this scene because it shows that, even though Katherine is looking out for herself, she still has a major soft spot for the Salvatore brothers. Though, really, who doesn’t?

Katherine returns to save Jeremy

In Season 5’s “True Lies,” Elena is being kept captive by Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) and Matt (Zach Roerig) as part of the TVDers’ plan to keep what Silas wants away from him. When Silas finds the motley crew, Jeremy tells her to run while he fights Silas. She makes a break for it before having a change of heart. She actually returns to save Jer, shooting Silas before he can take out the young Gilbert. This is some serious character development for our survivalist, who usually leaves others to die while she saves herself.

Katherine and Caroline drain Dr. Wes

Is there any better combination than Katherine and Caroline? We would watch an entire show of just these two women kicking ass and taking names. In this particular scene, they team up to get the truth out of Dr. Wes. First, they need to drain the vervaine from his blood. Blood liter math and transfusions have never been so funny.

Katherine pretends to be Elena to scope out Whitmore House

We love when Katherine pretends to be Elena — but, one of our favorite instances came in Season 5 when she was trying to find out just what the Augustine Society was up to. Watching her play her interpretation of Elena was hilarious. Almost as funny as watching her stuff her face at the sandwich bar. “What? Are you the sandwich police?” she asked an incredulous Aaron with a glare. Yeah, she’s the best.

Therapy with Katherine Pierce

We’re not sure if Katherine’s particular brand of shock therapy would actually work, but locking herself into a vault with a PTSDing Stefan was kind of amazing to watch. This scene was the best because it included Katherine being snarky, vulnerable, and actually helping someone else. She put her life into Stefan’s hands because she had such faith in him as a hero. This girl has balls.

What’s your favorite Katherine moment? Sound off in the comments below!

The Vampire Diaries returns on Thursday, January 23, 2014 at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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