Katie Maloney: Kristen “Deserved” to Get Slapped by Stassi
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Vanderpump Rules

Katie Maloney: Kristen “Deserved” to Get Slapped by Stassi

This week's Vanderpump Rules episode delivered the biggest shocker of the season, with Stassi Schroeder slapping Kristen Doute for reportedly sleeping with Jax Taylor. So how does Katie Maloney feel about the slap heard 'round the world?

"Stassi had pleaded for Kristen's honesty, yet Kristen still claimed it wasn't true and actually made Stassi feel bad for even thinking Kristen would do such a thing!" Katie writes in her Bravo blog. "All decency and respect for Kristen had flown out the window, so I found Stassi's plan to confront her in public was appropriate. I think Stassi deserved that vindication."

"I was really hopeful that Kristen would crumble and apologize," Katie continues. "I did not anticipate what came. I don't condone physical violence in any way. With that said, this was a deserved slap. Kristen's demeanor and attitude was appalling. The things she said to Stassi were filled with hatred. Oh yeah, she was still lying!"

Meanwhile, Katie doesn't give Jax a free pass in the situation, as Katie says it's "inhumane" that Jax doesn't feel remorse for sleeping with Kristen. "I am actually glad that Lisa called Jax out on always getting away with bad behavior," Katie writes. "I feel like Jax always finds a way to criminalize someone else in a situation to make him appear less threatening."

Do you agree that Kristen deserved to get slapped?

Source: Katie's Bravo blog