Which Teen Mom 3 Stars Are Making Big Life Changes?
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Which Teen Mom 3 Stars Are Making Big Life Changes?

We're still not over the fact that Teen Mom 3 was cancelled, but thanks to Twitter and Instagram, it's relatively easy to keep up with Mackenzie Douthit, Alexandria Sekella, Katie Yeager, and Briana Dejesus, and it looks like two of these ladies are making major life changes. Yep, Katie and Alex are starting brand new, full-time jobs!

When we first met these gals, they were 16-years-old, pregnant, had no clue how they were going to support their kiddos, and definitely weren't ready to become nine-to-fivers. But in just a few short years, Katie and Alex have morphed into totally inspirational single moms who are willing to do anything to bring home the bacon — including work full-time!

So, how are Katie and Alex making money? Katie just accepted a job at the financial services company, Discover, and she couldn't be more pumped. "The banking world loves me. I start my new job with Discover in a few weeks," she tweeted on October 24, adding, "Time for finger printing and drug testing. I feel like a criminal." We're so impressed! Clearly girlfriend is moving up the ladder in a big way.

Meanwhile, Katie's BFF Alex is also starting a new gig. She recently tweeted, "I am so proud to say that I have officially started a new job that I don't have to work other jobs to support Arabella. And I am so happy." No word as to what Alex is doing, but we're thrilled about this huge step in her life!

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