Teen Mom 3’s Katie Yeager Gets Hated on For Breastfeeding
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Teen Mom 3’s Katie Yeager Gets Hated on For Breastfeeding

Has anyone noticed that Katie Yeager spends most of her time on Teen Mom 3 breastfeeding her adorable daughter? Katie had Molli attached to her boob for over a year, and she received a fair amount of judgment from fans who aren't necessarily familiar with the overwhelming benefits of breastfeeding.

"Someone told me that it was disgusting that I breastfed my daughter," Katie told MTV's Suchin Pak during the October 7 episode of Teen Mom 3: A Closer Look. "I just looked at her and was like … OK."

Breastfeeding is far from disgusting, and it's how all babies were fed before the invention of formula. Not only that, but breastfed babies have fewer health problems, are less likely to be obese, and have tons of immunities! Oh, and breastfeeding burns hundreds of calories a day, which is great for moms looking to shed their baby weight.

Luckily, Katie didn't let the naysayers get her down, and she shot back the following response: “I was like excuse me, but what I do with my boobs is my priority.”

Preach. Katie saved thousands of dollars by breastfeeding Molli for almost 16 months, and her little lady is super healthy because of it!

Source: Hollywood Life

10.9.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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