Are Katie Yeager and Joey Maes Heading to Court?
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Katie Yeager

Are Katie Yeager and Joey Maes Heading to Court?

Time to check in on former Teen Mom 3 star, Katie Yeager, y'all! This gal is currently in the midst of uprooting her life and moving to Las Vegas to be with her new boyfriend, but it looks like she has some legal drama to take care of first.

Yep, you guessed it, Katie's going to court — and reading between the lines of her subtweets, we're thinking she's dealing with a child support issue.

Katie and her baby daddy, Joey Maes, haven't had anything to do with each other since breaking off their engagement shortly after their daughter's birth. Unfortunately, Joey hasn't exactly been in this little lady's life since then...

Katie recently confirmed that Joey rarely sees Molli thanks to the fact that "he lives in California," and while this does offer Katie flexibility about her own life plans, it sounds like Joey isn't paying his fair share of child support.

"No money to take your child. No money to get her a gift," Katie tweeted on August 18. "But thank God you always have money for drugs. Priorities."

Yikes. Sounds like Joey isn't exactly Father of the Year — so what's Katie going to do about it? Well, a court date is definitely in their future. "I'm so happy the boy will be in town before court, I wouldn't be able to do this without him," she said.

Here's hoping a court order will whip Joey into shape!

Are you surprised that Joey turned out to be such a hands-off dad? Let us know in the comments.