Katie Yeager Opens Up About Being in an Abusive Relationship
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Katie Yeager

Katie Yeager Opens Up About Being in an Abusive Relationship

Katie Yeager is currently lucky in love with a mysterious gent from Las Vegas, Nevada — but it wasn't long ago that this Teen Mom 3 star was chillin' like a villain with her baby daddy, Joey Maes.

Katie and Joey's dramatic relationship was documented on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom 3, and though they had some good moments (remember when Katie walked in on Joey inking his own fingers? Good times!), their relationship definitely wasn't meant to be.

Katie and Joey broke up shortly after their daughter Molli was born, and now this dude lives all the way in California. But despite the distance, Katie still has to deal with the emotional fall out from their relationship. Sigh, thank goodness for internet subtweeting.

"Having a happy relationship after coming out of such an abusive one is a hard thing to do," Katie recently tweeted on August 24. "You always are waiting for the other shoe to drop."

While Katie doesn't mention Joey directly (and she's had a few other boyfriends in between!), it seems pretty obvious that he's the subject of her shade. The arguments Katie and Joey got into could definitely be considered emotionally abusive, and we're so happy that this gal has moved on to a great new guy.

In fact, word on the street is that she's moving to Las Vegas just to be closer to her man — can you believe it?!

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