Does Katie Yeager Have a Secret Admirer?
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Katie Yeager

Does Katie Yeager Have a Secret Admirer?

Teen Mom 3's Katie Yeager is a major catch, so the dudes of Wyoming should probably get their heads in the game. This starlet broke up with her baby daddy, Joey Maes, shortly after getting engaged as teenagers, and has since been in a series of short-term relationships — but who is she dating circa right now? Read on, friends.

Unfortunately, Katie values this weird thing called "privacy," and hardly ever talks about her love life on social media (aside from an occasional musing about how much she loves beards). But as of April, she was dating a mega-hunk with amazing facial hair. We've been dying to know whether Katie and her man are still together, and it looks like the answer is yes, yes, a thousand times yes!

This gal took to Twitter on June 25 to tweet, "Getting flowers at work never gets old." We're thinking that she has a secret admirer who may or may not be the bearded hunk she was dating back in April...

"He is great. We grew up together and our families have been friends for a long time," Katie revealed to Starcasm a few months back. "He is amazing with Molli and for the first time in a long time I’ve let my guard down."

Katie has pretty high standards for Mr. Right, and revealed during a previous Ustream session that she wants a guy who she has "stuff in common with" and who's "honest, and kind, and smart."

Sounds like Katie has great taste in men — you know, accept for Joey "Finger Tattoos" Maes.

Who do you think sent her flowers at work? Leave your theories in the comments!