Katie Yeager Shares Her Worst Date Stories
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Katie Yeager

Katie Yeager Shares Her Worst Date Stories

Most of MTV's Teen Moms celebrated Fourth of July with fireworks, hot dogs, and the smell of freedom, but for Teen Mom 3's Katie Yeager? Girlfriend spent her day taking a terrifying walk down memory lane...

This former reality star took it upon herself to share stories about her worst dates (because nothing says "USA USA USA" like an awkward hook up), and we've rounded 'em up for you to enjoy.

1. "One time a guy asked me to give him a shout-out on twitter." Does a subtweet count as a shoutout? Because if so, this dude is probably so excited right now.

2. "Another time, in the middle of dinner, a guy asked me if I was a back door teen mom too."

Wait, Katie's date dared to make fun of Saint Farrah Abraham? No wonder she rejected him.

3. "A guy told me he didn't like that I was smarter than him. That I needed to dumb down to date him." We can't even with this.

Unfortunately, it sounds like Katie's had some pretty dire experiences dating, but last time we checked she was in a committed relationship with a bearded hottie.

Hopefully, she and her mysterious boyfriend will make it for the long haul, because it looks like it's slim pickings in Katie's corner of the world. Judging you, men folk of Wyoming. Judging you so hard.

Are your date stories worse than Katie’s? Share them in the comments below!

07.7.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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