Katie Yeager Slams Joey Maes\'s Parenting — or Lack Thereof
Katie Yeager Slams Joey Maes’s Parenting — or Lack Thereof
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Katie Yeager

Katie Yeager Slams Joey Maes’s Parenting — or Lack Thereof


Unlike some Teen Mom stars, Katie Yeager likes to keep her private life relatively under wraps. Sure, fans are alerted when this gal eats pizza, gets stomach tattoos, or dates a new bearded boy — but her lips are usually sealed when it comes to her baby daddy, Joey Maes. Until now, that is!

While Joey wasn't all that bad during his stint on Teen Mom 3, he's definitely been in a downward spiral ever since. Katie recently revealed that she was in an abusive relationship with Joey, tweeting, "I needed our daughter to have a strong role model in her life. I never wanted her to see me cry and bleed #WhyILeft." Katie eventually won full custody of their daughter, Molli, back in August, and revealed that Joey appears to be living in California now.

It's unclear how involved Joey is in Molli's life, but a new subtweet from Katie implies that he isn't exactly the World's Best Dad. "Shout out to those dads who actually take care of the kids they created," she tweeted on December 4, later adding, "Thou shalt not rage on Twitter. Thou shalt not trash thy baby daddy on Twitter."

Since Teen Mom 3 was canceled, Katie's fans haven't been able to keep up with the intimate details of her life via MTV. However, it's obvious that she's an amazing mom to her daughter, and bravely fulfills the role of mother and father.

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