Credit: Instagram

The Teen Mom gods giveth and they taketh away, and this week they are giveth-ing us with yet another Teen Mom tattoo. Blessed!

Yep, hot off the heels of Chelsea Houska inking an adorable skull on her ankle for no apparent reason other than the Reason of Cuteness, Teen Mom 3's Katie Yeager hit up her local Wyoming tattoo parlor and treated herself to some fresh new ink.

So, what's Katie's tattoo of? Naturally, it's a shout-out to her beautiful daughter, Molli! But instead of getting a trendy tat of Molli's handprint or footprint, Katie simply got the date of Molli’s birth (eight eighteen eleven) written in type-writer font on her inner arm. In a word: love!

Katie chose to place the tattoo on her bicep because Molli is the "The reason behind her strength" (aww!), and we adore how unique, simple and aesthetically pleasing it is. Sure, we wish Katie had gone the route of Amber Portwood and had the tattoo artist draw Molli's entire face on her stomach, but not everyone can be a flawfree and perfect as our girl Ambs.

What do you think of Katie's tattoo? Weigh in with your thoughts and feels below, fellow Teen Mom fans!