Credit: Katie Yeager on Instagram

It's a nice day for a white wedding in Teen Mom 3 Land, and Katie Yeager is walking down the aisle! As a bridesmaid in her sister's wedding, that is. Yep, this Wyoming native and former reality star had the honor of being in her lil' sis Blake Yeager's wedding party this weekend, and it looks like she had a blast!

Credit: Katie Yeager on Instagram

Katie wore a gorgeous teal dress and feather earrings for the event, and you better believe she got emotional when Blake said "I do" and became Mrs. Johnson! "I really love this picture!" Katie posted to Instagram along with a pic of her sister exchanging vows with her hubby. "Congrats to my baby sister."

Aww, so sweet! And by the way, who else thinks Blake and Katie are basically identical twins? These ladies definitely look related in this sweet snapshot they took with their pop, and let's not forget that they have matching tattoos. Blake's reads "There is no better friend than a sister," while Katie's reads "And there is no better sister than you." Sigh, sisterhood, guys. Traveling pants.

In other news, we're wondering when Katie will be the one to walk down the aisle! But considering that this gal is barely old enough to get a tattoo legally, we're thinking she has a while to go before succumbing to spinsterhood...

Now, excuse us while we go squeal over this picture of Katie's daughter Molli catching the bouquet.