Credit: MTV

It's an unofficial rule that in order to be a Teen Mom star you have to love tattoos. And not just any tattoos, your ink needs to be highly questionable in terms of design, placement, and subject — and it goes without saying that skulls are a must.

Credit: Katie Yeager on Twitter

Some of our favorite Teen Mom tats include Amber Portwood's full stomach tattoo of her daughter's face, Maci Bookout's cupcake back-scapeJenelle Evans's "YOLO" quote, and Kailyn Lowry's dream catcher — but the latest Teen Mom to blow our minds with her decorative body art? That would be Teen Mom 3's Katie Yeager.

Katie's been addicted to ink ever since she got her first tattoo in honor of her daughter Molli's birth. Then she got a matchy-matchy tat with her sister, took things up a notch by getting a stomach tattoo featuring a small child spray painting a rainbow on her belly (so many questions), and now? Now Katie's taking body art to a new level of insane with a — wait for it — cleavage tattoo.

While Katie hasn't shared a photo of her new ink, she did take to Twitter to confirm the news writing, "I got my cleavage tattooed."

Um, no words for this development. We have no idea what inspired Katie to etch permanent ink on her lovely lady lumps, but let's hope the tattoo is small and unobtrusive, as opposed to, you know, a giant picture of her kid's face.

Do you think Katie made a bad call by getting a cleavage tattoo, or will you hold your judgement until you see a photo? And speaking of photos, pics or it didn't happen.