Full name: Katie Yeager
Date of birth: June 14, 1993
Hometown: Green River, Wyoming
Children: Molli Maes (born August 18, 2011)
Baby daddy: Joey Maes
Bet you didn’t know: Katie believes in natural birth!

This sweet sixteenager got unexpectadly pregnant with her baby daddy, Joey, and the happy couple moved in together after giving birth to their adorable daughter. Joey and Katie got engaged, but unfortunately their relationship was strained thanks to Joey's hard hours at the coal mine. In fact, these two briefly broke up when Joey cheated on Katie with a fellow teen mom!

Nowadays, Katie and Joey are trying to make their relationship work while Katie juggles parenting and her education. She graduated high school and currently attends school for social work in the hopes of getting a job with the Department of Family Services. 

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