Katy Perry

Katy Perry Spent HOW MUCH on Eco-Friendly Gifts for Her Assistants? (VIDEO)

Spring is in the air and it’s clearly got Katy Perry thinking green! The pop diva reportedly dropped a ton of money on outfitting her assistants in the latest in eco-friendly tech.

Splash News reports the “Teenage Dream” singer spent upwards of $500,000 on a fleet of top-of-the-line luxury cars. And they weren’t even for her! Instead, Katy outfitted her assistants with brand new wheels to make their errand running better for the environment.

The pop diva is a well-known fan of nature. Despite the backlash she got from PETA over her jungle-themed music video for “Roar,” she’s often seen cuddling all kinds of fuzzy critters (rumored ex-boyfriend John Mayer not included). During a recent pitstop in Australia, Katy even requested that a koala bear, who was also appearing on the same morning talk show, keep her company on the couch.

Katy reportedly wanted to do her part to make the world a little bit greener, hence the green she spent. Katy bought five Fisker Karmas, a luxury electric car with an average price tag of upwards of $100,000. So while we’re hugging trees and trying to remember which trash can takes what kind of waste, Katy’s out there dropping dollars for Mother Nature like they’re growing on trees. Oh, wait...