Katy Perry Rates Her Lovers and Here\'s Who\'s at the Top of Her List

Katy Perry

Katy Perry Rates Her Lovers and Here’s Who’s at the Top of Her List


Katy Perry sat down with James Corden on Sunday during her weekend-long live stream to discuss how her former lovers ranked in the bedroom department.

She listed off some of the men she's dated and put them in order from worst to best in bed.

The question, asked by Corden, threw her off at first. She immediately put singer Diplo as last on the list. The pair dated briefly in 2014.

The second place man on her list was Orlando Bloom, whom she dated for a year until recently.

Perry wrapped up her list with naming ex, John Mayer, as number one. The two dated on-and-off until 2015.

Before rating them, Perry prefaced it with saying that “they’re all amazing lovers. I would have sex with all of them after I get out of this place!”

Former husband Russell Brand, whom Perry divorced in 2012, wasn't mentioned at all on the list.

Perry's live stream from her Los Angeles residence has led to encounters with many celebrities, interesting confessions, and a slice of her daily life.