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Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson Seen Kissing — Are They Dating? (VIDEO)

Well, well, isn’t this an interesting headline. Katy Perry and Robert “Big Tub” Pattinson have been rumored to have been dating for almost as long as they’ve known one another, and while they’ve continually dodged answering for real, those lips don’t lie.

Katy and Robert were reportedly making out big time at the W Hotel. Eyewitnesses say the “Birthday” singer swapped spit with Robert at the L.A. after-party for his new film, The Rover. His lips got to roving at the luxe event and found their way to Katy. “She’s so f—ing hot,” he supposedly told a friend, stating the obvious, we know.

But did Katy kiss a vampire and like it? Only time will tell on that one.

We’ve heard plenty of rumors before that Katy and Robert are more than just drunk karaoke buds but now that Katy’s back on the market, could they turn it up a notch? While we’re honestly not sure how everything stands between Robert and his Twilight love interest/one-time real girlfriend Kristen Stewart, we wouldn’t mind Katy and Robert becoming an item. Hey, at least dude washes his hair once and awhile (sorry not sorry, Russell Brand).

What say you? Robert and Katy 4evah or not so much? Share your thoughts in the comments!