Credit: Ian Gavan/Getty Images Photo: Katy Perry at the 2013 EMAs in Amsterdam, Netherlands on November 10, 2013

As adorable as any children of Katy Perry’s would be (especially with boyfriend John Mayer’s genes thrown into the mix), we’ve got a long while to wait before we get to meet them — she’s not quite ready to bring new life into the world just yet.

“I’m definitely not there yet, and I can’t plan that far in advance,” Katy told Marie Claire. “When I decide to have a family, I’ll just want to be Mom for a little bit.”

Maybe it’s a good thing that we won’t see any mini Katy/John spawns running around anytime soon. After the awesomeness that was Prism, we’re going to need a few more albums before Katy slows down her career in favor of motherhood!

And now that you mention it, Katy added, the whole baby thing is a big part of the reason why it didn’t work with ex-husband Russell Brand.

“[Russell] really wanted me to have children, and I knew I wasn’t ready,” she revealed. “I think it was a way of control. I think it was part of, 'If I have a kid, then I would have to sacrifice – I'd have to be home more.' I really wanted to, but I knew I wasn't ready for it.”

In that case, Katy 100% did the right thing — of all the reasons to have children, using them to keep your marriage from falling apart is not one of them.

Fortunately for Katy, she seems to have found a better fit with John. We admit it: we weren’t believers at first, but now this couple seems like they could go the distance.

“He's just a fantastic partner," Katy said. "I've been a fan of his for such a long time. He's got a brilliant, brilliant mind. It's a rad, mature relationship."

Sounds like just what Katy needs!

Source: Marie Claire