Katy Perry may have been recently single, but she wasn’t single for long. According to the “Dark Horse” singer, she’s got a new relationship she’s trying to focus on after her split with John Mayer — the one she has with her fans.

During an appearance on Australia’s Sunrise TV morning show Wednesday, a fan asked Katy if she had a boyfriend, according to Us Weekly. And everyone waited with bated breath to see if this would finally be the time she’d speak out about calling it quits with John.

Sorry, no such luck. “All of my fans are my boyfriend!” Katy proclaimed, laughing. A sweet sentiment, if not the perfect way to get out of answering the question.

“This is my boyfriend!” she added, nuzzling a nearby koala. Where’d the koala come from? Guys, this is Australia. They’re everywhere.

If Katy’s all broken up about her breakup, she doesn’t have long to sit around and wallow — not while she’s on tour in Australia, anyway. She even tried her hand at forecasting the weather on a local news channel earlier this week, which shows that if this whole singing thing falls through, this girl’s got options.

Meanwhile, we’ll keep our fingers crossed that Katy’s next relationship is a winner… and that he doesn’t mind playing second fiddle to her fans.

Source: Us Weekly

Credit: NDN Photo: Did John Mayer Cheat on Katy Perry? (VIDEO)