Kayla Has a Mini-Heart Attack! WTF Moments From ANTM Cycle 17, Episode 4
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America's Next Top Model

Kayla Has a Mini-Heart Attack! WTF Moments From ANTM Cycle 17, Episode 4

We love America’s Next Top Model as much as the next aspiring modelstant, but sometimes the WTF moments have us spitting out our Diet Coke is shock! This week had even more head-scratching moments than usual, probably because Tyra allowed the ladies to drink unsupervised.

Check out the 5 biggest WTF moments from Cycle 17, Episode 4: “Anthony Zuiker”!

1. Kayla’s Mini-Heart Attack/Drug Overdose!
Here’s what went down: First Kayla and her fellow modelstants cracked open about five bottles of wine and got krunk. Then she received a mysterious package in the mail filled with adorable clothes and swallowed a batch of “bleep-bleep-bleep and ibuprofen.” Two minutes later and she’s writhing around moaning and vomiting, while Allison makes disgusted “get me the eff out of here” expressions. Apparently it turns out that Kayla suffered from a “mini heart attack” from stress and anxiety. Congratulations, Tyra. You’re literally killing them.

2. Camille’s Box Full Of Bills!
We all gots to pay our bills, but most of us just have to throw down for rent, heat n’ hot water, and the occasional breast implant loan. Then there’s Camille. While all the other modelstants were giggling with glee over their new clothes, Cam grabbed a box full of paperwork and sulked off into a corner to talk about her “responsibilities”. We’re dying to know what this girl is paying off. Our theory? She’s a mob boss.

3. Lisa Suffers From Withdrawal!
Lisa finally admitted that she was an alcoholic during her season, which makes so, so much sense. Clearly, her body was craving a brewski because she was a huge downer this week. Of course, there was the occasional impromptu dance and booty shake, but where were the tie-dyed pants and clown outfits? We expected Lisa to rock her CSI audition like a pro, but she was a total dud. Maybe if someone had slipped her a Vodka Red Bull she would have been ready for action!

4. The Ladies Try To Use Grown-Up Words!
Last week, Tyra publicly humiliated her minions by making them walk on stilts, and this week she took things to the next level and forced them to use words other than “bitch, hookah, fat and tooch.” Way to set them up for failure Ty-Ty. Some of the models didn’t even attempt to say “gas chromatograph mass spectrometer”, Dominique exchanged “gas” with “ass”, and Lisa rejected the medical terms and just listed off her favorite drug cocktail.

5. Tyra and Nigel Baby Face Each Other
If we could take a look at behind the scenes footage of the judging table, we imagine Nigel spends the first ten minutes of every show begging the PAs to switch his seat so he doesn’t have to be next to Tyra. Not an episode goes by where she doesn’t violate his personal space, and this week she got all up in his grill by baby-talking. Of course, being the polite Brit that he is, Nigel half-heartedly tried to baby talk back, but you could see the fear and panic in his eyes. This is the lady who just gave a contestant a heart attack. If she wants to baby talk, you let her baby talk.