Pretty Little Liars

Keegan Allen: A Lot of New Faces Coming to Rosewood in Season 5 (VIDEO)

We didn't get to see much of Toby Cavanaugh during Pretty Little Liars' Season 4, but Keegan Allen hinted at PaleyFest, before the finale, that things will likely change.

Although the actor who plays Spencer Hastings's boyfriend on the show was pretty much M.I.A. thanks to his new tendency to fly off to London (did we ever get an explanation for why the heck Toby was in London? We must've already forgotten...), he'll be back in Season 5. And while Keegan was cagey about giving too much away about what's to come when Rosewood blooms anew, he did say that there will be plenty of familiar faces.

We reckon he's talking about the return of total weirdo/adorkable Lucas, who we know will be back in the fold. So, how about Noel Kahn, who (as we found out on Tuesday) has had a surprisingly large role in Alison DiLaurentis's off the map life? Melissa Hastings also came back, and shared a secret with her dad at the police station that makes us think she'll be booked on the show for a while, if you know what we mean. Oh yeah, and then there's the little matter of Caleb finally returning to his rightful place in the R'wood he belongs.

Check out what Keegan reveals about the new faces coming to Rosewood when Season 5 returns in June.

Which old characters do you want to come back, and who needs to disappear?