American Idol

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman Sing Sweet Duet — Watch Here! (VIDEO)

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban may be the sweetest couple in Hollywood, though we can’t pinpoint an exact reason. Their Australian accents, their adorable kids, their romantic stories but we can’t get enough of Nicole and Keith. Now they’ve gone one step further to cement their role as reigning couple of cute.

Keith, of course, is an award-winning country singer who’s lent his musical know-how to American Idol as a judge but sometimes we forget Nic can sing too. Remember Moulin Rouge? Yep, we really want to re-watch it now, too.

So that in mind we really shouldn’t be all that surprised that these two lovebirds like to duet. Listen to them belt out “Amazing Grace” in the video above while Keith strums along on the guitar. You won’t be disappointed by the impromptu performance! In fact, we found ourselves getting a touch teary-eyed since they were crooning the sentimental tune while visiting a children’s hospital down in Oz.

The couple’s two children, daughters Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret, didn’t join their parents on this particular philanthropic pitstop but we can just imagine family singalongs at Casa Kidman-Urban. How 'bout you guys?

What do you make of the pair’s duet? Think they should go for it and drop an album?