Keith Urban Has “No Idea” If He’ll Return For American Idol 2014 — Interview
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Keith Urban Has “No Idea” If He’ll Return For American Idol 2014 — Interview

With all the rumors going around about who will or will not possibly, maybe be a judge on American Idol 2014, we do know there is one music superstar that would love a chance at the gig. Season 12 judge Keith Urban has made it perfectly clear he’d jump at the opportunity to judge on American Idol again. As it stands, however, he said in a post-finale press interview that nothing has been decided by the producers yet.

Are you coming back next season?

I have no idea. No one knows yet. For me, I'm in the studio literally this week and pushing out my album and putting things together and I hit the road in July!

On that note, you were on Ellen joking that you were replacing Randy what did you mean by that?

Not much, I'm already... it seemed like an absurd thing to say.

And speaking of replacements, we can't replace Randy of course but is there anyone that has come to mind to come on, you had to have thought about it just a little…

For Randy? No I have no idea, he’s irreplaceable.

Have you talked to Nicki or Mariah about whether or not they want to come back?

No, I have not.

You were on Pot of Gold, right? What did you think of talent shows before you were judging?

I'm always aware that it's a nerve-racking experience what they're doing, so that never leaves me. But that experience for me was crazy, I mean, I was 9! I was getting judged in front of everybody, it was humiliating, yeah. But at the same time, all the stuff he told me, I listened to a bit of it…and the rest, I thought he was just full of shit, which is what they've got to do as well. They can't listen to everything you do or say. The thing about being an artist is knowing what to take and what to discard.

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