Keith Urban Returning Next Season? Ryan Seacrest Drops Major Hint!
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American Idol

Keith Urban Returning Next Season? Ryan Seacrest Drops Major Hint!

Maybe more than ever, America is less concerned with who will be the next American Idol and more concerned about who will be joining the judging panel for Season 13.

There was a mass exodus at the end of last season, as Randy Jackson, Nicki Minaj, and Mariah Carey all announced they would be leaving the show — with Randy's departure cutting the deepest, since he was one of the original three judges, alongside Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul.

But what about Keith Urban? He has yet to confirm or deny that he is leaving the show, but with reports that there will be an entirely new panel of judges, we don't know what to believe! But host Ryan Seacrest is sounding of on all of his feels about Keith and his possible return next season.

"I was with Keith yesterday, we embraced, and said to each other 'I hope we get to spend a lot of time together.' He's a great guy, and I've become a very good friend," Ryan said. "I think, based on what I have heard, the audience that watches American Idol is going to be very excited about the panel that we've put together for this Season 13."

Well, that neither confirms nor denies Keith's return, so we're back at square one. But, if Ryan says America will be pleased, and Keith got overwhelming support from America after his first season, maybe that means he'll be returning? Possibly? We need to know!

"It's a very special season," Ryan teased. "And I think you'll see some good chemistry this year."

Source: Taste of Country