Keith Urban Wants to Return For American Idol 2014 — Interview
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Keith Urban Wants to Return For American Idol 2014 — Interview

Despite rumors that none of the American Idol judges will be asked back for next season, Keith Urban says he hasn’t heard anything one way or the other yet.

In an interview after the American Idol finale performances, Keith stated that if he is invited to return as a judge for American Idol 2014, Keith is more than ready to sign on for Season 13.

Describe your first season as a judge.

It’s funny I think I'm judging just like I think everybody is judging. Everyone at home is judging us judging them judging everybody. I think it's more like being part record producer, part A&R person and an artist as well so for me it's just about seeing things about them that are tiny little bits that they need to get rid of because they get in the way of their true talent. They are just little bad habits when you're starting out just ways that they can get down to their truest essence. You chip away all the stuff that’s there in the beginning. In a lot of ways it's just picking up on those things that I probably had at that age as well.

Would you want to return as a judge next year?

I would, yeah. I mean, I literally enjoy coming to work every day and that's a rarity.

What was your most moving moment of the season?

That Randy was leaving. It's true.

Can you elaborate on that?

Well, he's not staying.

When you found out Randy was leaving what did you say to him?

I found out when everyone else did. Literally. I bonded with Randy quickly because we're both players. (Music reference!) I joined an ensemble like this in the same way I'd join a band. I like being in a band. I like being in an ensemble. I like being in a team, and I felt that immediately with Ryan and Randy.

I hear you will be performing your new single at the finale.

We are. Yeah. It's a song called "A Little Bit of Everything." It's the first single off the new album. I don't know when the album is coming out. [Sometime] later in the year. It's just a song that I came upon. I love the feeling of it, The lyric and the groove. It really fit and I'm glad we got to do it.

Can you tell us anything about the new album following the single?

I'm still working on the album, so it's hard to sort of know what it is because it's a process of recording a lot of different things and then the songs start to come together, that's been my experience, they sort of form the body of work that constitutes an album. Songs that I may have done over here that I think, “Oh this is definitely it,” then some new songs come along that make the other ones sort of fall away.

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