KeKe Wyatt Says She’s Constantly Misunderstood and It’s “Frustrating”
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KeKe Wyatt Says She’s Constantly Misunderstood and It’s “Frustrating”

R&B Divas Atlanta Season 3 premiered this past Wednesday, April 23, and veteran diva KeKe Wyatt didn’t disappoint when it came to bringing her brand of crazy and drama to the mix. Her issues with Monifah regarding their friendship came to the forefront and culminated in a fight that rocked what was supposed to be a peaceful engagement party for Mo and her finaceé, Terez.

When Keke sat down to talk with Sister2Sister magazine, she admitted that that she and Mo have bumped heads several times because she’s a misunderstood individual.

“It’s very frustrating,” said KeKe. Ain’t nothing I can do. I can’t change. I’m just going to be me." She added, “That’s a lot of the reason me and Monifah have been clashing.”

Keke went on to say that she doesn’t mean to be a tough person to crack, saying, “Maybe I can work on my delivery on how I talk to people, things that I say, when I say stuff and when I shouldn’t say something.”

Part of the reason KeKe thinks she may rub people the wrong way is that she’s biracial. Keke went on to discuss that she recently started to think that maybe her problems communicating with people could be linked to her racial identity.

I wasn’t Black enough for the Black girls. I wasn’t White enough for the White girls. Nobody understands me,” KeKe said, adding that when she talks to those who are mixed race, she feels “safe” like “ain’t nothing I can say that can make them be like, ‘What?!’ I do feel more understood by them for some reason or another.

For the most part, KeKe is on a pretty level playing field with all of her co-stars, except for when her humor (or emotions for that matter) doesn’t translate.

Do you think KeKe needs to work on her communication skills or should the divas learn to understand her better? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: Sister2Sister

04.25.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Afiya Augustine
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