Who Will Miley Cyrus Kiss Next? (POLL)
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Miley Cyrus

Who Will Miley Cyrus Kiss Next? (POLL)

First, there was Miley Cyrus’s omnipresent tongue; now, she’s got a smooching buddy seemingly wherever she goes. Miley seems like a freaking riot to party with, assuming you don't mind an extra coat of red lipstick!

In the past month or so, we've been seeing a whole lot of Miley kissing people. First, Miley landed a wet one on British model (and Rihanna bestie) Cara Delevingne. On New Years' Eve, Miley kissed Ryan Seacrest on the mouth to ring in 2014. Then the rumors of a relationship between Miley and Kellan Lutz came to a head when the two were spotted kissing at a Las Vegas club — although, as with all of these examples, they're not dating.

Who is Miley going to kiss next — assuming she doesn't find herself in a monogamous relationship in the next five minutes? Let's examine some possibilities.

Rihanna: We haven't seen these two party together pretty much ever, and despite whatever face RiRi made during Miley's VMA performance, that seems weird. Now that Miley's cozy with Rihanna's bud Cara, though, who knows what'll happen?

Madonna: Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera got to kiss Madge while they were dealing with wild-child reputations, so maybe it's Miley's turn!

Rita Ora: Since they have similar taste in cosmetics, neither Miley or Rita would mess up their lipstick.

Josh Hutcherson: It didn't work out with Gale, so why not Peeta?

Liam Hemsworth: Because old habits die hard…?

Who do you think Miley will smooch next? Vote below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

You keep doing you, Miley!