Kellie Pickler on Getting “Intimate” With Derek Hough in “Someone Somewhere Tonight” Video
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Kellie Pickler on Getting “Intimate” With Derek Hough in “Someone Somewhere Tonight” Video

When Kellie Pickler released an intimate and sensual video for her new single, “Someone Somewhere Tonight,” we were in awe. Not just because it was beautiful, but also because she was dancing so close to Dancing With the Stars partner (and Season 16 co-winner), Derek Hough, and not her husband, Kyle Jacobs. However, her hubby was the one on her mind, and he inspired the incredible ballad, too.

Recently, Kellie told Rolling Stone that the emotion in the song comes from her wedding to Kyle — literally. “I had my wedding video playing in the studio so that I could see my husband while I was singing," she explained. "We didn't see each other a lot when I was on the show, so I got even more emotional singing, because I missed him."

However, the almost-kisses and lingering touches between Kellie and Derek weren’t seen by Kyle, as he wasn’t on set for the music video. If he was there, though, he apparently would have just seen hysterical laughter.

"We'd be dancing and then start busting out laughing," Kellie recalled. "Derek is like a brother to me. Since I know him and have danced with him so much, I'm comfortable with him and trust him. And Kyle trusts me! I've never given him a reason not to. I'm not a fool — I'd never do anything to jeopardize what I have with him."

Could have fooled us, you two! If you haven’t seen the gorgeous (and very steamy) music video, check it out here, then hit the comments with what you think about Kellie’s aww-worthy inspiration for the song.

Source: Rolling Stone

07.24.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Alyse Whitney
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