Kellie Pickler on Passionate “Someone Somewhere Tonight” Video With Derek Hough
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Kellie Pickler on Passionate “Someone Somewhere Tonight” Video With Derek Hough

Kellie Pickler is a triple threat. Not only is she a Dancing With the Stars Season 16 winner, but she also tops the chart with her incredible country music and knows how to fool people with prime acting skills. While she isn’t starring in a scripted TV show, she showcased a very realistic relationship with partner Derek Hough in her latest music video, “Someone Somewhere Tonight.”

The starlet recently dished about the passionate and romantic vid to Parade, admitting that she only gave Derek a week to choreograph it — identical to their deadlines on DWTS!

“We just kind of winged it. I literally called Derek a week before we shot the video and was like, ‘Do you think you could choreograph my video?’ He was like, ‘Absolutely!’ I’m so happy with how it all turned out,” she revealed. For her, it was a dream come true to incorporate her passion for singing with her “new passion for dancing,” ultimately saying it “was really a fun day.”

As for their chemistry, she notes that it all stemmed from trusting Derek. The complicated lifts and moves made her certain he would take care of her and catch her when she fell, giving them a “foundation of trust” and obviously knowing each other in and out from the show.

With that being said, she’s a married woman (to music producer and songwriter Kyle Jacobs), and the video was all an act. “When you’re dancing, you have to play this character, you have to transform into the dance that you’re doing,” she continued. “Like the Viennese Waltz — I never did any of that stuff, but you put on a costume and transform. The music starts and your feet and your body just go with the flow.”

So, Kyle has nothing to worry about. In addition to talking about. At the end of the day, she says, “When I walk in my door, when I’m at home, I’m not Kellie Pickler anymore; I’m Kellie Jacobs.”

All together now: “Aww!” What do you think of Kellie and Derek’s video? Did they convince you that they were a couple? Sound off below.

Source: Parade

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