Dance Moms Star Kelly Hyland Files $5 Million Lawsuit Against Abby Lee Miller
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Dance Moms Star Kelly Hyland Files $5 Million Lawsuit Against Abby Lee Miller

The world of children’s dance can be an ugly place — just ask Dance Moms star Kelly Hyland, who is suing the show’s resident diva, Abby Lee Miller.

Kelly and Abby, who got into a vicious fight as cameras rolled after Kelly became frustrated with Abby’s treatment of her two daughters, have taken their battle to court, with each woman claiming the other instigated the battle. The video of the fight shows Abby yelling at Kelly and pointing fingers in her face, to which Kelly responds by pulling Abby’s hair, or what they refer to as a typical Tuesday night over at the Bad Girls Club.

Abby, who has already sued Kelly for assault and harassment, is now in the hotseat herself after Kelly launched her own $5 million lawsuit against the dance teacher, claiming that she was afraid for her safety.

In Kelly’s complaint, obtained by TMZ, she claims that hair-pulling was the only way she could defend herself against Abby, who was “gnashing her teeth loudly attempting to bite [me]."

Kelly also contends that Abby’s bigger body had her fearing for her safety. “Miller is a very large woman" adds Kelly. "[She] weighs around 300 pounds or so." We’re not entirely sure how that’s relevant, but OK!

While some folks have claimed that Abby and Kelly’s feud is all a ploy to boost ratings for the show, don’t bank on a reconciliation between the two any time soon.

When asked by GMA host Linzie Janis if she and Abby will ever mend fences, Kelly gave a firm “no,” telling the host, “I don’t think you can take back all the hurtful things and the pain that she’s put my kids through.”

Do you think Kelly was out of line when she laid her hands on Abby, or do you think she was acting solely in self-defence? Do you think Kelly will win her lawsuit?

Source: TMZ

02.14.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Sarah Crow
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