Abby Lee Miller Says Kelly Hyland’s Daughters Are Off the Team After Alleged Assault (VIDEO)
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Abby Lee Miller Says Kelly Hyland’s Daughters Are Off the Team After Alleged Assault (VIDEO)

We’ve heard a lot of noise in the press recently about the drama between Dance Moms’ resident hardass Abby Lee Miller and one of her stage moms, Kelly Hyland. And it’s already disturbing enough to hear that the “harmless” verbal spats we so often see on the show turned physical last fall, resulting in an assault charge. However, when you take into account that children are involved, things get even tougher to stomach.

So what of Kelly’s dancer daughters, Brooke and Paige? Abby Lee was on The View today, January 28, where she addressed the future of their participation on the show, as well as what she says is the real story behind Kelly’s alleged attack on her.

We already knew that the incident occurred in November 2013, but the dance director shares today that it was actually at a dance competition in The Bronx that things got heated between the two. According to Abby Lee, the reason Kelly is now facing assault charges all comes down to jealousy over a new dance mom and her daughter.

“Her two children had solos that week, and we all know from the history of the show that whenever her kids have a solo, she bails ... She walks out, they never end up doing it,” Abby Lee tells Barbara, Whoopi, and the gang. From there, the reality star explains that she brought a new mom and her daughter — who both now have permanent positions on the show — backstage to introduce them to the rest of the girls.

“It just got crazy and [temperatures] were boiling …And right in front of this woman, [Kelly] starts with me,” she details. Apparently, Kelly thought Abby was going to give the new girl her daughter’s solo and started mouthing off to her, moving closer and closer. Fingers were wagged, faces were made, and Abby Lee says Kelly grabbed her hair. Totally reasonable for a grown woman...

“What happens with her two daughters, are they going to be on the team still?” Jenny McCarthy asks her, referring to the judge ruling last week that Kelly should have no contact with Abby Lee.

“No. There’s actually three children, her two and another one, that have not signed… They are not members of the Abby Lee Dance Company,” Abby Lee spills. “They walk into my studio to shoot the show, that’s it. The other children … they’re there every day.”

But doesn’t she feel sorry for the girls? “I feel really sorry. The minute the altercation was over, her daughter clung to me and was balling her eyeballs out.”

What do you think of Brooke and Paige leaving the team? Tell us in the comments below.

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