Kelly Monaco: “I’ve Never Dated, I’ve Been in a Relationship Since I Was 15″
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Kelly Monaco: “I’ve Never Dated, I’ve Been in a Relationship Since I Was 15″

Team Vally may be over, but the dating speculation lives on. Kelly Monaco was on Marie Osmond's talk show in early October, back when she and Val Chmerkovskiy were still competing on Dancing With the Stars All-Stars.

Kelly talked about her breakup with her high school sweetheart, Michael Gonzalez, whom she dated for 18 years before they broke up in 2009. There's a YouTube video with Kelly's appearance on the show, and even though it's labeled as Kelly being "single," she never actually says she's single. Marie is the one who says it and Kelly just doesn't correct her. Here's the dating exchange:

Marie: "OK, seriously, you're single now. Dating again? Ick."

Kelly: "It's challenging. Well, I've never dated. I mean, I've been in a relationship since I was 15. … So yeah, the concept of dating is definitely ... I'm not a dater! I'm a relationship kind of gal. I'm not a dater. I have girlfriends who are serial daters. They're out on another date every other day."

The video was posted as evidence that Kelly was single, but in mid-October, Kelly's rep told People her romance with actor boyfriend Heath Freeman was still "on," and she and Val were just good friends.

So ... are Kelly and Heath on or off? Are Kelly and Val on or off? For someone who never dates, Kelly's love life is pretty fascinating — and complicated!

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