Kelly Osbourne: “My Boobs Have Grown Very Large” — Is She Pregnant?
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Kelly Osbourne: “My Boobs Have Grown Very Large” — Is She Pregnant?

Did Kelly Osbourne leave a quarter under her pillow for The Boob Fairy? All of a sudden she’s more Christina Hendricks-y than before, and even she doesn’t know why.

Kelly, 28, talked to People about her new clothing line, which will include designs for “every girl that goes past a size 10.” She said the clothes may be bigger but, in her line, size 2 clothes will be the same price as size 24. But speaking of more fabric, she addressed her own growing upper-half. “I have no idea what’s happening to me — my boobs have grown very large and I don’t know why,” Kelly told People. “Everyone is like, ‘You’re pregnant, you’re pregnant!’ and I’m like, ‘No! That’s not happening!’ It’s kind of fun, though. It’s nice [to] have them for once.”

How do you suddenly end up with bigger breasts without … you know … doing something either surgically or through baby-makin’? Kelly is engaged to her boyfriend Matthew Mosshart and they kept that a secret for a long time — actually she denied it for a long time — so it wouldn't be too surprising if she was pregnant and decided to just keep it to herself for a while. On a sadder note, her brother Jack and his wife Lisa just lost their son in a late-term miscarriage; it’s possible that if Kelly ever does get pregnant she may feel cautious about sharing the news too early.

Either way, congrats on the new clothes and their, uh, new rack!

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