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Kelly Osbourne Goes Public With New Man in Tongue-Filled Pic — Who Is It? (VIDEO)

Ozzy Osbourne, prepare to meet another suitor for your daughter. Kelly’s found herself a new beau and she’s shared the good news in a tongue-filled Instagram post.

The E! star didn’t use anything as trite as #boyfriend to make it clear the man in her photo is her man. Nope, instead she went full Miley Cyrus and touched tongues with the bearded dude. Um, cute?

“#TasteGood,” she captions the shot, tagging the mystery man in the photo. It’s Ricki Hall, for those unfamiliar with his mug thanks to his modeling work. He too posted the PDA pic to Instagram, captioning it “Sterling” and @-ing his lady, too.

So who is Ricki? Beside rocking the best-kept beard we’ve seen in ages, the Brit was rumored to be Kelly’s new main squeeze following her breakup with fiancé Matthew Mosshart earlier this year. A source told Us Weekly how Kelly finds the huge beard “really sexy” and while she’s been keeping it casual she’s said to also be hooking up on the reg with her longtime friend and Puff Daddy’s stepson, Quincy Combs — she’s “definitely interested in seeing where it goes” with Ricki.

Whatever makes you happy, girl! Just keep that tongue away from the camera for future close-ups. Please and thank you.

What do you think of the new pairing? In it to win it or just some spit-swapping fun?