Pregnant Kelly Rowland Accidentally Confirms She’s Having a… (VIDEO)
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Kelly Rowland

Pregnant Kelly Rowland Accidentally Confirms She’s Having a… (VIDEO)

Mom-to-be Kelly Rowland is thinking blue! The former Destiny’s Child singer is expecting a baby boy — and she accidentally spilled the beans during a recent interview, à la Jessica Simpson. Must be that Hollywood pregnancy brain!

“We’re very excited,” Kelly explained to FOX411. “So far, everything has been good. I just feel like the baby is already rotten — like literally, my Caress family has gotten him all of his little bathing stuff, his toys — it’s just so cool.”

As soon as Kelly realized she shared too much, she sighed and exclaimed, “It, it’s…aw, f—k it! It’s a boy. It’s a boy!”

Immediately following the breaking news, Kelly asked her rep to let her husband, Tim Witherspoon, know that the cat’s out of the bag! “Can you please tell him that I spilled the beans?” Kelly asked before looking down at her burgeoning belly, saying, “I’m sorry, baby.”

The mom-to-be shouldn’t feel too bad about ruining the surprise, since she's not the only one to let some hints drop. She was seen shopping for baby boy clothes recently, and fellow Destiny's Child group member Michelle Williams even referred to Kelly’s baby as her soon-to-be “nephew.”

Now that we officially know Kelly is having a boy, we can’t help but wonder if the little tyke will follow in mama’s musical footsteps, since apparently he actually starts moving whenever he hears some tunes. “When you play music, period,” Kelly revealed. “But really to hip-hop right now!”

Who knows, Kelly could have a mini Jay Z on her hands!

Congratulations to Kelly and Tim on their son-to-be!

Source: FOX411