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Kelsey Grammer’s Surprising Past Revealed! Learn About His Oregon Trail Ties (VIDEO)

Kelsey Grammer has a secret! Thankfully for his fourth wife and newborn son Gabriel (baby No. 6 for Kelsey!), it’s nothing to write home about. The TV star just has a very interesting lineage and he’s filling us in on the details!

Stopping by the show that made genealogy cool, Who Do You Think You Are? on TLC, Kelsey sat down with a parcel of historians to uncover his family’s past. He begins with a bevy of black and white photos that give us a rare glimpse into Kelsey’s personal life.

“My mom and dad didn’t do so well in their marriage,” he tells cameras. Kelsey was just a toddler when he and his mom moved back in with his maternal grandparents, who took over the responsibility of raising him and his sister. It was his grandma, the acclaimed actor said, who became “possibly the biggest influence on me.”

So let’s learn more about her! First stop: the library.

There, Kelsey comes across a very interesting past with a little help from and genealogy experts. Want to know more including where Kelsey might get his pioneering spirit? Watch the video above and then hit the comments below to tell us if you’d ever go on Who Do You Think You Are?