Kendall and Bella Inspire Recent Surgery Trend in \
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Kendall and Bella Inspire Recent Surgery Trend in “Nipple Tucks”


We now live in a world where even your nipples must look absolutely perfect.

In the past six months, plastic surgeon Dr. Norman Rowe has quadrupled his amount of nipple operations.

He believes this surge is due to celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid who have increasingly been "freeing the nipple."

In an interview with The Daily Mail, New York surgeon, Dr. Rowe, revealed all about the effects stars rocking a see-through look have had.

"You see a lot of celebrities now wearing see-through dresses," he said. 

"Nothing is above cosmetic surgery now," Dr. Rowe said. "People are looking at every detail.

"It's not enough now to get a breast augmentation or rhinoplasty - women want to fine-tune every element.

"And these days, that's possible."

With the rise of the "Free The Nipple" campaign and many celebrities choosing to wear sheer clothing, it makes sense this trend would come about.

Kendall is a starlet who has stepped out in many see-through tops in the past year.

"This trend has really come about in the last six months - a year tops," Dr. Rowe said, insinuating it could be the "Kendall effect."

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Dr. Rowe claims that some of his patients ask for 'headlights,' which is when nipples protrude when they go bra-less.


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He also said that the majority of women have asymmetrical nipples and want them to be equal so they look the same when wearing something sheer.

It looks like nipple surgery is here to stay.