Kendall Jenner, Harry Styles Share Second Date — Is Taylor Swift Jealous?
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Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner, Harry Styles Share Second Date — Is Taylor Swift Jealous?

Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles’s love is in full bloom! The reality star and the One Direction stud were first spotted having dinner together in West Hollywood on November 20, which initially prompted denial of any hanky-panky from Kendall, followed by a reluctant confirmation of their relationship by Harry to Piers Morgan.

Just two days after Harry confirmed that he and 18-year-old Kendall are more than just friends, the pair shared an intimate lunch at Soho House in West Hollywood — but only after getting the all-clear from Kendall’s dad, Bruce Jenner, first!

“He was really animated with Kendall,” says a witness to their date. “They definitely plan to hang out more.”

However, while the two seem like a match made in PR heaven, it looks like Kendall should have known Harry was trouble when he walked in. A source for HollywoodLife claims the boy bander’s ex, Taylor Swift, may still carry a torch for him.

“Taylor still has feelings for Harry and he’s been totally leading her on. She expected him to be chasing her down when he came to LA a few weeks ago and instead he went after Kendall Jenner, it was a huge blow for Taylor,” says the insider.

“She and Harry were talking before he came to LA, he didn’t make plans with her but he really made it seem like he was all about her so it really, really hurt her when he took Kendall out instead. That’s why she iced him at the AMAs. … Taylor doesn’t get why Harry would pick Kendall over her, especially because he’s always made fun of the Kardashians. Taylor’s not a mean girl but she can be catty at times and this drama with Harry is not bringing out the best in her.”

Do you think that Kendall should be wary of Taylor and Harry’s relationship?

Source: HollywoodLife