Miley Cyrus and Kendall Jenner’s Sheer Top Scandals: Is There a Difference? (POLL)
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Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus and Kendall Jenner’s Sheer Top Scandals: Is There a Difference? (POLL)

When you get right down to it, Miley Cyrus and Kendall Jenner have a lot in common! They both come from large, privileged families. They both spent adolescence in the spotlight. They both love selfies. Pushing the envelope in fashion, though — they've even each rocked bleached eyebrows! — seems to be one thing they could really bond over.

Because they’ve each been known as innocent teen princesses at one point or another, it shocked fans both when 21-year-old Miley put on a sheer shirt with no bra during a Terry Richardson photoshoot, and when 18-year-old Kendall walked down the catwalk at a Marc Jacobs fashion show with the same. They did it in different venues — the runway is a more typical venue for Kendall, while a risque photoshoot is more Miley's style — but the reaction from the populace was similar: "WTF, BOOBS."

Of course, these ladies are technically adults, so they can choose to show however much or however little they please — whatever their motivations. Plus, it's not like either of them bared their breasts while just walking down the street! Still, we're curious what you think of these two similar situations: Is there a difference between them?

There's definitely more to the question than “more power to them!” and "gross." Both have been accused of grabs for attention, but at the same time, there was a dude behind both of these looks. Terry Richardson directed not only Miley's super-sheer shoot, but the Wrecking Ball video, and Kendall was styled by Marc Jacobs for the runway show. Of course, Miley is no stranger to being scantily-clad, but hey, neither is Kendall — and it's also not her first time posing in a sheer top for fashion's sake.

There is, of course, something to be said for both ladies' job descriptions. Kendall's a full-time model, so arguably looks like this are just a part of her job. For Miley, they're just kind of icing on her iconography cake — but she is emerging as a fashion icon. After all, she's no stranger to modeling for Marc Jacobs, either.

So tell us: Is there a difference, ideologically, between these two looks? Vote in our poll below, and explain your choice in the comments!

There's no difference.

There's totally a difference!

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