Kendall Jenner turns 18 in just a few short weeks. (Her birthday’s November 3, if you’re counting. Weirdo.)

The fact that she’s still underage isn’t keeping Kendall from doing, well, lots of questionable things, especially if the rumors are true that she and 16-year-old sister Kylie snuck into a 21+ club with fake IDs.

Credit: Kendall Jenner on Instagram

The teen queen is also baring all. During a recent photoshoot, the up-and-coming model stripped down to her...tail fin?

In the new pic posted to her Instagram, Kendall appears as a reflective looking mermaid gazing into a pool of water. The black and white photo is oddly mesmerizing with its blur between fantasy and fact. We know Kendall as a smokin' hot bikini model; who knew she’d make an equally beautiful merperson?

Kendall didn’t offer any context to the photo but Huffington Post suggests the picture is part of another series she’s been working on with photographer Russell James. She’s already appeared semi-nude and covered in tree branches for his “Nomad Two Worlds” project.

Whatever will they think of next? Kylie riding a unicorn? Baby North West as a leprechaun? Kris as a harpy?

Got your own suggestions for a Kardashian family fairy tale photoshoot? Add them to the comments below.

Sources: Kendall Jenner on Instagram, Huffington Post

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