Everyone else in the room can see that Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner are the cutest couple ever.

Harry and Kendall were spotted together at a hotel in NYC on December 6, and they then got brunch together in the morning on December 7, according to Hollywood Life.

The twosome  who have been hanging out since first being spotted together in L.A. on November 20  were both photographed at the Gansevoort Hotel on December 6. Harry is in NYC this weekend for One Direction's performance on tonight's Saturday Night Live. 

A source who spotted them at the hotel together this morning said that they were holding hands just before exiting the hotel lobby. "They came off the elevator inside the hotel holding hands but quickly separated," says the source. "Kendall was just smiling so much." Awww!

Another eyewitness who saw them getting brunch together at the private Soho House club confirms that Kendall appears to be in great spirits. "Kendall was the happiest I’ve ever seen her," says the insider.

We're thrilled that these two definitely appear to be getting closer than ever, since they seem to make an adorable couple. 

Do you want Harry and Kendall to make things official? Or do you think this won't last?

Source: Hollywood Life