Credit: Getty Images; Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Increasing demand for Kendall Jenner’s work has been taking her to lots of new locales lately, but is rumored boyfriend Harry Styles waiting patiently at home for her return?

Not exactly, but what can you expect from a 19-year-old rock star?

While Kendall and younger sister Kylie have been spending time in New York City promoting their projects, Harry has been living it up in L.A., spending his time hanging out with some old friends and making a few new ones we’re not sure Kendall would be all that happy to hear about.

According to a source for E! Online, after Harry returned from the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah last week, he was back to his lady killing ways in Los Angeles, flirting with two girls at the afterparty for film Wish I Was Here.

“He was with three guys and two girls — one of the girls was a brunette and one was a blonde. They were all sitting together in a corner booth laughing and having a good time," says the witness.

"As the night went on, I could see Harry flirting with the brunette. At one point it was just the two of them canoodling in the corner…they were really into each other."

Do you think Kendall should be worried about Harry’s flirting?

Source: E! Online / HollywoodLife