Kendall and Kylie Jenner Don’t Own Fake IDs, Claims Kris Jenner
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Kendall and Kylie Jenner Don’t Own Fake IDs, Claims Kris Jenner

Kendall and Kylie Jenner didn’t mean to break any laws when they went to a 21-and-up club following a Style Fashion Week event a few nights ago, mom Kris Jenner is claiming.

The two girls found themselves in the middle of a controversy after they were photographed leaving a 21+ venue on October 15. While the venue owner said the girls used fake IDs to get into the club, Kardashian family members are saying the two teens didn’t even know the club wasn’t all ages.

The fact that the Jenner sisters were at the club which often features topless dancers was all a “big misunderstanding” Kris told E! News.

“They thought it was a private party after the fashion show,” she said. “They were told the club was rented out for the night.”

Kendall and Kylie went to the club to meet up with their half-sister Khloe Kardashian and according to Kris, the girls were let in through the back door where their IDs were never checked.

“The girls don’t have fake IDs and they don’t drink,” Kris claimed. “Khloe would never bring them to a club. The girls thought they were walking into a private event that they were paid to attend as part of a personal appearance as part of a fashion show after party.”

And just to make it very clear, Kris reiterated, “The girls don’t possess or own a fake ID.”

We’re still not entirely convinced that two savvy ladies like Kendall and Kylie could be so “confused” about the nature of the 21+ club. Could Kris just be playing the part of “cool mom” (which she’s never had a problem doing before) and covering for her two teen daughters?

Source: E! News