Kendra Wilkinson Talks About Alijah Mary and Hank Baskett’s Burping Skills
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Kendra Wilkinson Talks About Alijah Mary and Hank Baskett’s Burping Skills

Ever since Kendra Wilkinson welcomed her second child, Alijah Mary, her family has never been more complete. But now that she and her hubby, Hank Baskett, are raising a 5-week-old and a 4-and-a-year-old son, Hank Jr., things are a bit hectic in the Baskett household. But compared to raising her first child, Baby No. 2 is something Kendra can handle.

“It is 100 percent completely different. With Little Hank, I felt like I was doing everything wrong. He cried and I came running — it was very intense,” the 29-year-old dishes to People. “With Alijah, it is more relaxed, and I know I’m doing OK. I have room to breathe and take time to enjoy every moment.”

Kendra delivered baby Alijah via C-section back in May, and she reveals that it was easier than she anticipated. “The delivery was way too easy. I was scared and nervous about another C-section, but everything ended up being so easy,” Kendra reveals.

“I didn’t feel a pinch. I feel guilty I didn’t feel anything. Emotions were extremely high when we first met Alijah. It was a heavenly time.”

Speaking of heavenly, that brings us to the meaning behind Alijah’s name. It’s actually the Americanized version of Elijah, which means, “the Lord is my God.” How fitting!

I knew I wanted a unisex name [when I was] going through the names,” says Kendra.

“I ended up going to Sundance, [and] I met a driver who was amazing and so kind. He was talking about his daughter who was named Alijah, and I knew right then that would be my little girl’s name.” As for Mary, Kendra reveals that it “is for my grandmother — I’m carrying the name on.”

Now that little Alijah is finally home (and living it up in her adorable nursery), she has been adjusting to life just fine. In fact, thanks to her daddy, burping is never an issue for her.

“Hank’s ego is a little big right now. He has been able to master burping her correctly without getting it on him,” Kendra adds. “He has been able to do a lot of Alijah’s first things together, like her first bath.”

So what’s next for Kendra and her family? “Figuring out how to balance out life once again, working on catching up on some sleep, exercising and getting back to shooting Season 3 of Kendra On Top on WE TV.” Sounds like a plan!

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Source: People