Kendra Wilkinson Slams “Sick F—ks” Over Pic of 2-Year-Old Daughter
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Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson Slams “Sick F—ks” Over Pic of 2-Year-Old Daughter


Don’t mess with Kendra Wilkinson’s kids!

The Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition star proved she isn’t going to put up with creepers on social media this week, when she called them out in a scathing post.

The fierce mama has been continuously sharing pics from her Hawaii vacation with hubby Hank Baskett and their two kids Hank, Jr, 7, and almost 3-year-old daughter Alijah.

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Though it’s not 100 percent clear which photo incited all the drama, it seems it was featured Alijah without a bathing suit top.

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Upset with what some of her followers were writing, she shared a pic of herself on the beach, throwing up the middle finger.

“Wow by my last post I just exposed all you sick f—ks,” she starts the caption.

She continues, “Sexualizing a child is NOT OK. Even [if] you said, what are you thinking posting that? YOU are just as bad as a pedo.

“All you people living in your cages, sit the f—k down and re think life. Oh wait life is already over for you,” the mother of two admonishes.

The Girls Next Door alum concludes, “Man, this world is more f—ked up than I thought. I'll go ahead and go back to my vacation while we run around naked n free.”

Luckily, those bad followers didn’t scare the 31-year-old away from continuing to share more cute shots from her trip.

For instance, the adorable one below with her little ones along with pal Jessica Hall and her daughter, Sophie.

Hawaiian vibes.

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It wasn’t all mommy time on the trip, though — seems like Kendra and Hank got in some romance.

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Now, hopefully the rest of the vacay will be more low-key, seeing as she’s got some craziness coming up with her own mom in the Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition premiere!

Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition premieres Friday, April 28 at 9 p.m. ET on WE tv.

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