Kendra Wilkinson on “Powerful, Emotional” Season 3 of Kendra on Top — Exclusive
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Kendra Wilkinson on “Powerful, Emotional” Season 3 of Kendra on Top — Exclusive

With all of the media chaos surrounding Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett’s marriage right now, you’d expect the couple to shut themselves away until the rumors died down. But we guess when you’re reality stars, that sort of privacy isn’t part of the bargain. Kendra’s WE tv show Kendra on Top returns this fall, which had us wondering: How much of the cheating allegations against Hank will be shown?

Just this week, People reported that "Hank and Kendra are fully engaged in the show” and that “viewers will get to see everything." But what does “everything” encompass? Word first spread back in late May that ex-NFL star Hank had stepped out on his pregnant wife with transsexual model Ava Sabrina London. Though neither Baskett spouse has confirmed or denied the claims, E! Newssources report that production had already started on the show when the scandal broke, so “cameras have been there through it all. It’s been devastating.”

Just weeks before the story broke, Wetpaint Entertainment spoke exclusively with the very pregnant former Girl Next Door who hinted that we were all in store for a very “colorful season” of Kendra on Top.

“We’ve been filming a lot of amazing, amazing stuff,” Kendra teased. “We’ll also be filming the birth. Let me tell you, this season’s going to be like a journey that no one’s going to not watch. All the seasons represent what I’m going through in my life at the time. It just so happens that there’s something going on in my life at this moment that I’ve never really shared before that I will be sharing. I’m opening up a new chapter of my life to the public. It’s like a TV journal. It’s going to be a very powerful, emotional, great year of my life.”

Though it was probably too early for this to have been in reference to the affair specifically, it is interesting to note that some other things seem to have been going on prior to all that. It could indicate the initial tensions in Kendra and Hank’s relationship — she admitted to us at the time that they were “kind of lacking in the sex department” due to the pregnancy. But this could also be related to the mother-of-two’s very public issues with her then-estranged mother (they seem to have since made up).

Whatever the case, it sounds like we’re in store for a very raw and real season of the show. We have to applaud Kendra for being so honest about her life, though we do hope she’s still making time for herself during this difficult time. We love ya, girl!

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