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Kendra Wilkinson Breaks Silence After Rumors Husband Left Home (VIDEO)

We got a nasty scare this week when rumors surfaced that Kendra Wilkinson and her husband, Hank Baskett, were on the outs.

Hank supposedly checked into a motel near the couple’s Calabasas home on Friday night, leading to questions on what had forced him from his own house. Were things rocky between him and his wife of nearly five years? Did he just need a break from caring for newborn daughter Alijah Mary? What, tell us what, was happening?!

Thankfully, the Wilkinson-Baskett crew seem to be back on track the way Kendra’s talking online. As these celebs do, she didn’t address the rumors outright but on June 21 tweeted how she was having a “fun day with both of my Hanks #lovingsummer.” That’d be her husband and their son, Hank Baskett IV, so we’re hoping this family day of fun means all is right in the world of Kendra.

Not that we were all that worried (OK, so we were but you know). The initial report of Hank’s departure from home came from RadarOnline.com via The National Enquirer so we had some hope this was nothing but a mix-up at the Rumor Mill. Seriously, just look at this happy family!

Kendra and Hank’s fifth wedding anniversary is just around the corner — June 27, if you’re curious — so we’re keeping our eyes peeled for elaborate flower arrangements and romantic Insta-pics.

Source: Kendra Wilkinson on Twitter