Kendra Wilkinson: “We’re Ready for Baby #2!” — Exclusive
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Kendra Wilkinson: “We’re Ready for Baby #2!” — Exclusive

Kendra on Top, indeed! Girl Next Door-turned-businesswoman Kendra Wilkinson is wowing us not only with that aptly-titled WE tv show; but also with her various business ventures, her happy family life, and her killer body!

As Kendra recently hit the water at the Veet Smooth for Summer Pool Party at Drai's Pool in Hollywood, Calif., she led Wetpaint Entertainment on a free-wheeling discussions covering everything from exercise to scorpions, and from life balance to summer legs!

Wetpaint Entertainment: How are you?
Kendra Wilkinson: Oh my God. I am amazing. Especially after one shot of Patrón. No, I feel amazing, and I've been shooting my show. I've been busy. I've gained a couple of pounds, and I'm okay with them. I swear to God; I'm happy about it. I'm okay with it. I took off my outfit, and I'm like, Whoo, look at my smooth legs from Veet. I'm okay with showing my body. Even though I gained a couple, I'm okay with it. I'm happy.

We were looking at you in the pool and going, "Whatever — she did not have a child."
I fluctuate because I do have some health things like metabolism things, so it's easy for me to put on, off, on, off. So right now, I'm on [laughs].

So those two pounds — we don't know where you think they went!
Not here [points to thighs], not here [points to arms], but here [points to stomach]. I wish it would go here though, in my butt.

What do you do to stay in shape?
I do everything from hot yoga to spin class to going to my husband [Hank Baskett]'s athletic gym where every professional athlete goes. If I'm going to work out, if I'm going to the gym, I'm going where every professional athlete goes and trains.

Do they push you as hard as they push them?
Yes, and I tell these trainers, "I want an NFL workout. I want to work out like these NFL players. Don't f—k with me. Don't do me any less."

It's kind of fun, right?
Yes, push me. I want to be an NFL player. Like, come on! I want to be a football player. And then I slim down with hot yoga, and then that's when I get back to my feminine side.

Kendra Wilkinson: “We’re Ready for Baby #2!” — Exclusive
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Tell me about your summer legs.
My summer legs couldn't be smoother and healthier and more glam — because of Veet. Veet, I'm telling you right now. I'm not joking with you. I don't know how many people, especially going to the beach, have reached into their bags and slit their f—king hands on razors. I have seen it so much. So. being on the road, being busy, I have found Veet. Veet is the most amazing product you can have for the summer time. I cannot pride Veet any more. I give it as gifts. I gift it for my family, my friends, and they are 100% satisfied. Put Veet on, motherf—kers. Put Veet on, and let that s—t dissolve.

That's going to be the quote.
Good‑bye, motherf—ker. I have two hairs per hair pore. That's a lot. I'm Russian. Look at that.

So you say you feel amazing. Is this a new feeling?
I'm feeling amazing because I'm happy, and happiness is everything. Everybody has their own definition of happiness, and my happiness is balance. I've always preached the word balance, and balance equals happiness. My husband and I know we are the best parents, [the] best mom and dad we can ever be … When we know that our son is turning out better than we thought he would, we're like, Oh, okay, we can take time for ourselves and celebrate it. So it equals balance. And I always say the biggest advice for people that are married and have kids is, you have to separate [the two]. You have to remember that you are husband and wife as much as you are parents, as much as you are mother and father. And once your child is asleep, once your child is in preschool, you are a wife, a husband. You are an adult. You can do adult things while your child is not with you, and don't feel guilty about it. We're in a new age now. Have fun, go to a day pool club here. It's just fun.

Was it hard to find balance?
Yes, it was. It took me three years to find that, and it's not unhealthy. It's extremely healthy, and we are proving it. Hank and I just went on a trip to Big Bear — on a lake — and it was extremely fun. We did [wakeboarding]. We did a lot of lake sports ... and by the end of the trip, we looked at each other in our eyes, and we said — not drunk — to each other, "We're ready for baby number two." And that is what comes out of balance … knowing we want to bring this new life into our world. We have this new love for each other after spending a week together in Big Bear. We have this new love. We have this new energy. We want to bring a new life in together.

Now you know you can do it and not lose each other.

And not lose yourself.
No. And we're young enough. We have the energy, and that's the beauty of it. It took me two and a half years to find this out about myself, and I feel like I have found the key. And I feel like once you feel like you find the key, then keep that key and have another baby. And we are ready. We're ready to have it. And yes, I went through a month-long spurt of parties and craziness, but on top of that, being a parent. But now, I'm ready to give up that spurt, and I'm excited about giving up that spurt and excited about entering a new chapter.

Kendra Wilkinson: “We’re Ready for Baby #2!” — Exclusive
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What would you do differently knowing what you know?
I mean, there are so many things I would do differently. I've learned so much from the first pregnancy and child. [With the pregnancy] I know not to eat like I did before. And I ate enough for a whole neighborhood all in one sitting. I gained over 60 pounds. I'll be in L.A. this time. I'll be very healthy. I'm fit. I'll take control over my body this time. And with [the] child, I will do nothing different because you have to see: Our son couldn't be a better person.

What is he doing?
He's a completely different soul than me or my husband. You would think that he would be someone like me or someone like his father, but no. He's his own soul. I feel like he's reincarnated or something … He's his own person. He doesn't like music. He doesn't like TV. He's an architect. He builds things, and he uses his imagination through his day. And we help him with that. If he wants to learn about something, we allow [freedom] in our world. So if he wants to speak freely, we want to teach him about what he's thinking. So it's like the Montessori concept. He goes to a Montessori school. So... anything! he's into bugs right now. And we'll Google bugs, and we'll teach him all about bugs. And every night, we tuck him into bed, and we talk about scorpions, and we talk about flies, and we talk about bees. And it's so fun. It's fun. We love it.

Do you feel like you're learning as much as he's learning?
Yes, yes. And he knows more than me, trust me.

We don't know anything about scorpions.
I don't either. He goes, "Do they have a round tail?" I'm like, "Um..." The other day he goes, "Why isn't there a hundred minutes in an hour?" And I look around, and I'm like, "I don't know." I'm like, "Son, because. It's just because. It's 60 minutes, okay?"