Kenya Moore Calls RHoBH’s Brandi Glanville an “Ass Clown”
Credit: Alex Martinez/Bravo and Rodolfo Martinez/Bravo NBC Universal, Inc.    

Real Housewives of Atlanta

Kenya Moore Calls RHoBH’s Brandi Glanville an “Ass Clown”

We have trouble enough keeping track of which Housewives are feuding with one one another within a given city, so when they start crossing state lines we get really overwhelmed. As far as the Housewives go, there are certain gals who just have trouble getting along with pretty much anyone, so when you pit two people like that against one another, you can bet that there will be some pretty explosive results.

This brings us to the latest development in the feud between Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kenya Moore and Beverly Hills’ Brandi Glanville. Brandi apparently has an issue with multiple RHoA cast members and got into a “knockdown” fight with NeNe Leakes and Kenya at a Bravo event last year. The specifics on that blowout are still unclear, but there’s clearly bad blood there.

NeNe has said that Brandi has a drinking problem, and now Kenya is throwing some shade towards the California gal as well. When one of Kenya’s Twitter followers asked her if she was “Team Brandi”, Kenya shot back, “No she’s an ass clown.”

Brandi has yet to respond to this dig, but there’s still time!

However, given that Kenya is currently not speaking to NeNe, we’d advise her to patch things up with the ladies on her own show before getting into it with the Beverly Hills bunch.

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