Kenya Moore Wants to Be on Dancing With the Stars! (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Kenya Moore Wants to Be on Dancing With the Stars! (VIDEO)

Does anyone else feel like Kenya Moore is sort of Single White Female-ing NeNe Leakes? First, the former Miss USA twirled her way onto Real Housewives of Atlanta to try to snatch the Queen Bee crown off the OG Atlanta gal’s head. Then, she joined Celebrity Apprentice this season, a show NeNe appeared on in the past. Now, is she coming for her Dancing With the Stars gig?

During a recent red carpet appearance, Kenya was asked about her current relationships with the rest of the RHoA women. Contrary to what you might believe, the “Gone With the Wind Fabulous” gal does still have a friendship (how real, we’re not sure) with a couple of the girls.

“I enjoy several of the girls,” Kenya revealed. “I love Cynthia and Kandi, as well. It’s always been a pleasure working with them.”

Per usual with Kenya, this was clearly a combo compliment/shade. On one hand, she does seem to have a budding friendship with Cynthia since she stood up for her against NeNe at the reunion. But at the same time, she is sort of insinuating that it hasn’t been a pleasure working with the rest of the women: NeNe, Porsha Williams (duh), and Phaedra Parks.

And speaking of NeNe, Kenya admits that she did not tune in for a single ep of her time on DWTS — but she could be tempted into appearing on the show herself….

“I’m a great dancer, I would love to be on that show,” Kenya said flirtily.

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